Proper OTC Use of TYLENOL®

Your patients who use OTC acetaminophen or NSAIDs may not realize the importance of knowing the active ingredients and following dosing directions. Your guidance can help.

For information on acetaminophen overdose and the guidelines for the management of acetaminophen overdose, download this PDF.

Medicine brands with products that contain acetaminophen*
Advil® (ie, Advil® Dual Action) Midol® Endocet® Tylox®
Alka-Seltzer Plus® Mucinex® Fioricet® Ultracet®
Comtrex® Nyquil Lorcet® Vicodin®
Contac® Pamprin® Lortab®  
Coricidin® Robitussin® Maxidone®  
DayQuil SUDAFED® Norco®  
Dimetapp® Theraflu® Percocet®  
Dristan® TYLENOL® Roxicet  
Excedrin® Vanquish® TYLENOL® with Codeine  
Medicine brands with products that contain NSAIDs*
Advil® Excedrin® Celebrex® Lodine®
Aleve® Goody's® Clinoril® Mobic®
Anacin® MOTRIN® Daypro® Naproxen
BC® Voltaren® Dolobid® Relafen®
Bufferin®   Feldene® Toradol®
Ecotrin®   Ibuprofen Vicoprofen®

This is not a complete list.

*Not all formulations contain acetaminophen. Many OTC brands (like Excedrin®) have different formulations that contain acetaminophen or an NSAID.

Key counseling messages

Remind patients to always follow the label and take only one medicine containing the same active ingredient at a time. Teach patients why knowing their pain relievers is important and reassure them of the safety and efficacy of TYLENOL® when used as directed.

OTC Pain Reliever Comparison Chart

Help patients with questions choose an appropriate OTC analgesic.

Teach responsible pain relief

Explain proper ways to choose and use OTC analgesics.