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Doctor’s Practice Patient Resource Library

Share this collection of downloadable education with your patients and colleagues.


Guide to aid in understanding of proper dosing for infants and children. Log in to view dosing for children under age 2.

Infants TYLENOL® dosing guide


Pediatric Dosing Guide

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Administering baby medicine


What Parents Need To Know
About Administering Medicine

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Cold & flu

Insights for parents on how to help soothe symptoms and when to call the doctor.

Baby cold & flu resources


What Parents Need To Know
about Pediatric Cold & Flu

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Handouts for parents to learn fever basics and track their child’s temperature.

Baby fever resources


What Parents Need To Know
About Treating Children’s Fevers

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Child fever tracker


Child’s Fever Tracker for

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Sports Injuries

Tool for parents to help prevent and treat youth sports injuries.

Child Sports Injuries Tool


What Parents Need To Know
About Kids’ Overuse

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