OTC Analgesics: Patient Counsel

More than 500 medicines contain acetaminophen and over 900 have an NSAID

Do your patients know this matters to their health?

Your patients who use OTC acetaminophen and NSAIDs may not realize the importance of knowing the active ingredients and following dosing directions. Your guidance can help. With a few core counseling points, along with educational resources provided here, you can make a difference in how patients choose and use their OTC pain relievers.

Patient Education

Patient handouts can reinforce your messages and save time

These concise, visual, easy-to-understand handouts are an efficient way to educate patients about using
OTC pain relievers properly.


Order free OTC pain reliever comparison tearpad

Help your patients choose an OTC analgesic that’s appropriate for them, based on health conditions, medications, and age.


Give patients an easy guide to
OTC medicine labels

Help your patients use Drug Facts labels with confidence.

Patient Counseling

Core counseling messages on proper use of OTC analgesics

Teach patients why it’s important

Some people accidentally exceed recommended doses by taking more than one acetaminophen-containing
or NSAID-containing product at a time, not realizing the products contain the same type of ingredients. 
Some patients exceed safe doses by not reading the dosing directions. Taking more than directed 
(overdose) may lead to potentially serious side effects.

Remind patients

  • Read and follow the entire Drug Facts label
  • Check the label for the maximum single and total daily doses, and don't exceed them
  • Follow the directions. Different pain relievers have different doses. It isn't safe to apply directions from one
    pain reliever to another
  • Take ONLY 1 medicine with the same kind of active ingredient (acetaminophen or NSAID) at a time

Reassure patients

When taken as directed, OTC analgesics can provide safe, effective pain relief.


More patient handouts

Download resources on cardiovascular disease, cold/flu, OA, pediatric pain and fever, and more.


Adult & pediatric dosing charts

Download charts for Adult TYLENOL® products and pediatric TYLENOL® and MOTRIN® products.

Web Resource

Send your patients to GetReliefResponsibly.com!

Videos, quizzes, tips, and other engaging resources teach patients about choosing, using, storing, and disposing of OTC medicines safely. Includes programs and resources from leading organizations, such as National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.