Proper Acetaminophen Use: Resources & Handouts

You may know that more than 600 medicines contain acetaminophen. But do your patients?

McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. sponsors and supports several programs that make it easier for you and your practice to educate your patients about appropriate acetaminophen use. To help patients understand the importance of this issue, we suggest these core counseling strategies:

Acetaminophen Medication Search Tool

Tells patients if their medications contain acetaminophen.
Website for patients includes FAQs, videos, and more.

Teach patients why it’s important

Some people accidentally exceed the recommended dose when taking multiple acetaminophen-containing products at the same time, often without realizing they contain acetaminophen or by not reading and following the dosage directions. Taking more than directed (overdose) may cause liver damage.

Remind patients

  • Always read and follow the label.

  • Never exceed the recommended dose.

  • Never take more than one acetaminophen-containing medication at the same time.

Reassure patients

TYLENOL® (acetaminophen) is an excellent first-line analgesic for many of your patients. When used as directed, TYLENOL® provides both analgesic efficacy and an exceptional safety profile.

Acetaminophen Considerations Video

Counseling Patients on
Proper Acetaminophen Use

What patients need to know about appropriate acetaminophen use.

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Get Relief Responsibly® Program provides resources you can use with your patients:

Get Relief Responsibly®
Patient Education

Counseling tool includes a list of common OTC and Rx medicines that contain acetaminophen, where to find active ingredients on labels, and how to access online safety tips.

Acetaminophen-Containing Medicines ListView &
Print pdf:


Tips handout for identifying and using acetaminophen-containing products properly.

Understanding AcetaminophenView &
Print pdf:

How to Read a
Drug Facts Label

Handout identifies and explains key sections of an OTC package label.

How to Read a Drug Facts LabelView &
Print pdf:

Other Programs and Resources

The Know Your Dose campaign educates patients and consumers about the safe and effective use of acetaminophen. The campaign is organized by the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, a group of consumer, health, and healthcare provider organizations.

Resources available: The site offers consumers information such as how to read medicine labels, pediatric dosing charts, and a list of common medicines that contain acetaminophen.

Report on Acetaminophen:

An Interdisciplinary Look at Labeling Changes for Acetaminophen and the Implications for Patient Care

Presents research findings on providers’ awareness of acetaminophen proper use issues and discusses steps clinicians can take when educating patients about labeling changes. Includes brief self-assessment of baseline acetaminophen knowledge, insights on elderly medication use, links to patient resources, and more. Part of GSA’s From Publication to Practice series.

Newsletter on Pain Management for Older Adults

Features highlights of presentations from GSA’s 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting. Addresses strategies for managing pain and preserving function in older adults and for assessing and managing pain for residents in long-term care facilities, including those who have dementia. Part of GSA’s What’s Hot newsletter series.

Acetaminophen Safe Use

Aims to raise awareness within distinct populations about acetaminophen safety. NCPIE’s presentation kits integrate tailored messaging, free downloads, handouts, and useful links to other acetaminophen-related information.

Read a press release about these tailored programs.

Or learn more at the NCPIE site: